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The other obstacle to effective communication is stereotyping. It refers to the people’s ability involve and apply their past experience or commonly considered facts about particular nations, professions, etc. in the communication process. By doing that people communicate with already formed attitude to the person. They do not hear what they are told and do not perceive information in the proper way insisting on their inner belief about the person. For example, when a young woman with blond hair is applying to the position of system administrator, HR manager would probably do not take her seriously.

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Thus, it is obvious that the effectiveness of communication highly depends on the channel used. In fact, it is beyond a doubt that a face-to-face meeting of the director with heads of department is much more important when some vitally important questions or strategic problems are discussed because the high level of personal contact, effective verbal and nonverbal communication, opportunity to actively participate in the communication are essential in such a situation. At the same time, it would be hardly effective to organize a face-to-face meeting, for instance, to get acquainted with a project of some contract that the director is going to sign. Instead, it would be more logical to use fax which is faster and easier to use, while the information received may be effectively evaluated. This is why it is really important that the message fit the channel through which it is transmitted.

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Communication essay ideas for post-20th century technology can produce works that are fertile and imaginative. Prompts/Titles might include "How Technological Wizards Communicate Satisfactorily with Computer Illiterates," "How Many Legitimate -- and Non-Legitimate -- Internet Sources Can Be Discovered for One Significant Topic," "What Are the Unspoken Rules of Communication Today?" and "What Psychological and/or Physiological Barriers Cut Off Communication?" Essays that respond to James Carey's division of communication into different modes might be rewarding in both writing and research work as well.

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Free essays available online are good but they will not follow the guidelines of your particular writing assignment. If you need a custom term paper onPersuasive Essays: Communication Skills Essay, you can hire a professional writer here to write you a high quality authentic essay. While free essays can be traced by Turnitin (plagiarism detection program), our custom written essays will pass any plagiarism test. Our writing service will save you time and grade. As in all aspects of life, effective communication in business is a key ingredient of success. Good communication can help you relate to your employees, integrate them as a member of a solid team and help you effectively define job responsibilities. In short, communication can help building a productive work environment, where good employees are more likely to stay for long term.

What is Communication? Communication is the transferring and understanding of meaning (.). For communication to be successful, the meaning must not only be imparted but also understood. A person's total communicative success includes speaking, reading, listening, and reasoning skills.

Before communication can take place, a message to be passed on must exist. It passes between a sender and a receiver. The message is converted to symbolic form called encoding and passed by way of some medium to the receiver, who retranslates the sender's message called decoding. The result is the transfer of meaning from one person to another. In addition, the entire process is susceptible to noise, that is, disturbances that interfere with the transmission of the message. Typical examples of noise include illegible print, telephone static, and sounds of machinery. Noise can create distortion at any point in the communication process.

There are different types of communication methods. The most popular communication methods used by people in businesses are oral communication, written communication, nonverbal communication, and electronic media. People communicate with each other most often by talking or oral communication. Forms of oral communication include speeches, formal one-on-one and group discussion, and grapevine. The advantage of using oral communication are quick transmission and quick feedback. The major disadvantages of oral communication whenever a message has to be passed through a number of people. The more people who are involved, the greater the potential for distortion.
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Verbal communication is further divided into written and oral communication. The oral communication refers to the spoken words in the communication process. Oral communication can either be face-to-face communication or a conversation over the phone or on the voice chat over the Internet. Spoken conversations or dialogs are influenced by voice modulation, pitch, volume and even the speed and clarity of speaking. The other type of verbal communication is written communication. Written communication can be either via snail mail, or email. The effectiveness of written communication depends on the style of writing, vocabulary used, grammar, clarity and precision of language.

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Worn out clichés and slang terms will take away from your communication essay which should show a thorough grasp of the English language. It’s important to remember that the essay is part of your message about communication, therefore you should avoid unclear writing and poor phrasing that will make your message difficult to understand for the reader. Always make sure that you proofread your communication essay or term paper to ensure that it is free of spelling and grammar mistakes.

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Effective communication should be able to overcome both the internal and external barriers in order for the sender to convey the message to the recipient. It is essential to be an excellent listener in any communication process. Formal and informal communication channels are essential in the criminal justice systems. People can overcome cultural and functional barriers by proper listening, accommodating diverse views and employing selective perceptions.