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An easy way to start would be make a list of similar traits about the two topics and then follow it up by listing the opposing characteristics. After drafting out these lists you can frame the topic sentence that forms the basis of your comparison and provides for an effective introductory paragraph for your comparison essay topics. You can focus on the topics in your list to write relevant material in the subsequent body paragraphs of your essay. The first section could focus only on the first part of the topic while you can discuss the traits of the second topic in the following section. The third section could consist of a joint analysis of the topic. Take care to write a good conclusion that not only summarizes but reaffirms the topic sentence contained in the introduction.

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Comparison essay topics are easy to find as there are a lot of things which people compare from morning till night. It starts from buying a candy at a store and ends at deciding where to spend the holidays. Comparison essay ideas can be found at every corner in our life; even in our school, we can write about two teams comparing their strong and weak points. We can write an essay comparing our parents, government policies, our neighbors, TV channels, two manufacturers of the same product, two resorts etc.

Comparison Essay Topics
Comparison Essay Topic

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Comparison Essay Topics

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In situational comparison essay topics, the similarities may be that the end result of a decision is the same despite the differences noted along the way. For example, you could consider writing a composition about two different driving routes that lead to the same place. One route may be scenic while the other is not. The scenic route likely takes longer and may use more fuel while the other route is less scenic but faster and may be more fuel efficient. You could list advantages and disadvantages of each route and conclude the essay by pointing out that both routes will get you to the same place.

Comparison Essay Topic

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Comparison essay topics consist of two parts as they entail two topics on which you draw out the similar and different traits. When you choose comparison essay topics you need to be sure that the topics generate sufficient material on which you can write an essay of enduring length to bring out the points of comparison. You can write comparison essays with reference to comparing people, places, events, things, qualities and so on. The characteristics that you compare on a given topic may focus on contrasting or similar traits of the chosen topic. For instance when you compare your best buddy to your worst enemy you may be comparing subjects that may not have anything in common.