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explained competition as a primal dilemma in which all infants find themselves. The infant competes with other family members for the attention and affection of the parent of the opposite sex or the primary caregiving parent. During this time, a boy develops a deep fear that the father (the son's prime rival) will punish him for these feelings of desire for the mother, by castrating him. Girls develop penis envy towards all males. The girl’s envy is rooted in the biologic fact that, without a penis, she cannot sexually possess mother, as the infantile id demands, resultantly, the girl redirects her desire for sexual union upon father in competitive rivalry with her mother. This constellation of feelings is known as ( after the Greek Mythology figure who accidentally killed his father and married his mother). This is associated with the of childhood development where intense primal emotions of competitive rivalry with (usually) the parent of the same sex are rampant and create a crisis that must be negotiated successfully for healthy psychological development to proceed. Unresolved Oedipus complex competitiveness issues can lead to lifelong neuroses manifesting in various ways related to an overdetermined relationship to competition.

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Many and have identified a trait in most living organisms which can drive the particular organism to compete. This trait, called competitiveness, is viewed as an innate which coexists along with the urge for survival. Competitiveness, or the inclination to compete, though, has become synonymous with aggressiveness and ambition in the . More advanced integrate aggressiveness and competitiveness into their , as a way to distribute resources and adapt. Many plants compete with neighboring ones for sunlight.

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Competition is a major factor in education. On a global scale, national education systems, intending to bring out the best in the next generation, encourage competitiveness among students through . Countries such as England and Singapore have programmes which cater for specialist students, prompting charges of . Upon receipt of their academic results, students tend to compare their grades to see who is better. In severe cases, the pressure to perform in some countries is so high that it can result in stigmatization of intellectually deficient students, or even suicide as a consequence of failing the exams; Japan being a prime example (see ). This has resulted in critical re-evaluation of examinations as a whole by educationalists[]. Critics of competition as a motivating factor in education systems, such as , assert that competition actually has a net negative influence on the achievement levels of students, and that it "turns all of us into losers" (Kohn 1986). Economist has commented on the harmful effects, stating "people feel that they are under a great deal of pressure. They feel that their main objective in life is to do better than other people. That is certainly what young people are being taught in school every day. And it's not a good basis for a society."

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The tendency toward extreme, unhealthy competition has been termed hypercompetitiveness. This concept originated in 's theories on ; specifically, the highly aggressive personality type which is characterized as "moving against people". In her view, some people have a need to compete and win at all costs as a means of maintaining their . These individuals are likely to turn any activity into a competition, and they will feel threatened if they find themselves losing. Researchers have found that men and women who score high on the trait of hypercompetitiveness are more and less psychologically healthy than those who score low on the trait. Hypercompetitive individuals generally believe that "".[]

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It should also be noted that business and economic competition in most is often limited or restricted. Competition often is subject to legal restrictions. For example, competition may be legally prohibited, as in the case with a or a . , or other measures may also be instituted by government in order to prevent or reduce competition. Depending on the respective economic policy, pure competition is to a greater or lesser extent regulated by and . Another component of these activities is the discovery process, with instances of higher typically leading to less competitive businesses being launched.

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First of, it is believed that human beings gain confidence and build up their self-esteem through competing with one another. Everyone has to go through a stage in life where some competition is essential for the development of self-esteem (Competition: Good or Bad?). With competition, everyone will try to do their best to not be wiped out by the rest. Therefore, if there is no competition, how can we actually improve? We may not know where we stand if we do not have competitors. Moreover, people build up their self-esteem and become more confident whenever they achieve success, especially through competition. This is due to the fact that they are able to prove to the others that they are capable of achieving something. Thus, success will never come to us if we do not put in efforts to improve ourselves, which means by comparing ourselves in relation to the others.