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 Correcting Essays. Proofreading Mistake Examples. Student Writing ...
Students are often faced by the tedious task of correcting an essay after it has been marked by the teacher. The mistakes are sometimes pointed out clearly by the teacher while in other cases; the student’s work is just allotted an unacceptable grade and returned with a date of submitting the revised essay. Few professors allow third submission chances therefore the second submission chance should be fully availed. Essay correction is a complex task. Specification may vary from tutor to tutor, but the mail issues and common errors along with how to erect these are given below:
• Formatting correction: Sometimes  Correcting Essays. Proofreading Mistake Examples. Student Writing ... get low grades due to formatting errors. There are some basic formats that are usually acceptable to all professors. These include the APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago etc. Sometimes the teachers specify the format they want to see in the essay, in such a case the correction of an essay must deal with correcting the format.
• Focus correction: Another common correction needed in essays is that of focus. While writing, the student may be drawn away and lose focus from the main topic. While doing essay correction it must be checked and re checked whether or not the focus is actually where it is required to be in the essay question.
• Referencing correction: Essays often have referencing mistakes and same should be considered in essay corrections. Referencing is a complex task and it needs an expert to get it right the first time. There are specific referencing instructions attached with each essay format. There are special instructions for in text citations and separate ones for a bibliography page. Essay corrections must deal with the referencing and must also check the credibility of sources and their proper and accurate citation.
• Methodology/approach correction: Sometimes, the error lies in the approach/methodology used in an essay. Such an error must be rectified only after checking with the tutor and confirming what approach/methodology is preferred for the type of essay being attempted or research problem being addressed in the paper.
• Proofreading: All essays must be proof read before being handed over and same is true for the essay corrections. After correcting an essay it is strongly advised to proof read it again even if it had been proofread before the correction because there might be errors in the new/added/edited material.
The following are the tips on how to correct student essays effectively.

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It is not embarrassing if until now you still do not know the correct essay format. Of course, all of the expert writers started without any knowledge in writing an . This time, we will discuss about the correct essay format in writing.

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Bloom, who died in 1992, is cited regularly by conservative academics and writers. While he didn’t use the phrase “political correctness,” his writing stoked the view that people were overly concerned with multiculturalism and diversity at the expense of rigorous education and free thinking.

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