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Today is my last day as site manager here at the Whatever. As I prepare to hand the blog back to John, I thought I’d give you a surprise for making me feel so welcome. At first, I was going to tape bacon to my kids, but I figured someone would call CPS on me. Instead I’m happy to present as a last-minute guest blogger! He has written a terrific and engaging essay concerning postmodernism in fantasy. Which is super fantastic as I’m taking multiple literature courses this fall. Thanks, Mr. Sanderson!

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Ihab Hassan in his essay Beyond Postmodernism states that postmodernism is over and that we have entered the age of Postmodernity. “Hype and hyperbole, parody and kitsch, media glitz and ideological spite, the sheer insatiable irrealism of consumer societies all helped to turn postmodernism into a conceptual ectoplasm.” He also argues that in this new world that was created there is a constant need to redefine oneself, to discover new relations between selves and others, margins and centers, fragments and wholes. These aspects theorized by Hassan are perfectly applicable to literature. Postmodern novels deal with an inner reality which is constantly at change according to the experiences of the characters. While in modern novels the relation to reality, the attitudes toward it are seen as an experimental reflexion of the inner reality, realized through defamiliarisation, in postmodern novels this relation represents a refraction of commodified, mass-reproduced discourse and also a return to pleasure and to plot.

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