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Horner also uses synonyms to help define his expression on dyslexia. His most common synonym is for dyslexic and non-dyslexic learners referring to dyslexic learners as spatial learners and non-dyslexic as linear.

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In the late 1970s, Uta frith changed from primarily visual theory to a phonological theory. Frith has investigated the cognitive phenotype, which is a difficulty in accessing internally characterize structure of words. In the cross-cultural European project, frith demonstrate that the brain basis of dyslexia in French, Italian and English is the same, although the expression of dyslexia in reading and spelling shows difference in the three countries.

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An essay on Dyslexia from the OPPapers dated July 21st, 2009 states, “In our society today, the association between bad spelling and stupidity is so strong that it is almost taken for granted. A misspelled public notice, for example, is a trigger for laughter and disapproval; it is commonplace for jokes and cartoons to be based on that association. It is no surprise that if we find one person who have poor literacy skills they will be the center of laughter” (grinpyz). This is a clear example of how the society in general behaves towards dyslexics. We human beings tend to judge the other person so quick that we do not even think if the person might have a disability. Even if we know the person has a disability, we do not empathize with them but instead make it harder for the person to live a normal daily life.

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The treatment of dyslexia depends on how early it is detected. For example, if this condition is not identified at an early age, adults may find work in jobs below their intellectual levels. However, with proper and professional teaching dyslexics can become good readers and writers and make something of themselves in the world.

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This is an informative essay on dyslexia informing you on what it is, its symptoms and how it affects the people living with this condition.

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