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No example of argumentative essay can be complete without supporting evidence. Evidence is the core part of an argumentative essay, evidence can be collected, from interviews i.e phone, face to face interview, graphical, empirical, secondary data etc. It makes the juice that links the arguments and cements them together. Evidence can be displayed inform of graphs, tables, pie charts, scans, and the use of statistical manipulation software like to bring out the facts.

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Most examples of argumentative essays portray this clearly, when writing an argumentative essay or research paper focus or attention is mainly directed on dissecting the thesis statements arguments and counter arguments. This is what clearly separates a normal essay or research paper from an argumentative essay. I.e if it is about the goal line technology, we have to look at the how the technology has improved football i.e reduces most of the disallowed goals and leads to fairness and the counter arguments can be: it has been expensive to implement yet there was only one controversial goal during the World cup.

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Read one of examples of argumentative essay about benefits of being a twin. Pay attention to the paper structure and the flow of ideas.

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