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It is probably too much to expect that 2016 was the year in which the tide of political correctness turned, but one can hope we now at last hear the start of its long, withdrawing roar from public concerns.

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This silly essay is just a single bullet fired in our long cultural battle over political correctness. The aggressors are members of a left-liberal-dominated elite determined to bend public morality according to their biases and hatreds. They believed until about 9 p.m. on Election Night that they had successfully established their own brand of tyrannical relativism.

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“Trump did not simply criticise the idea of political correctness – he actually said and did the kind of outrageous things that PC culture supposedly prohibited. The first wave of conservative critics of political correctness claimed they were defending the status quo, but Trump’s mission was to destroy it. In 1991, when George HW Bush warned that political correctness was a threat to free speech, he did not choose to exercise his free speech rights by publicly mocking a man with a disability or characterising Mexican immigrants as rapists. Trump did. Having elevated the powers of PC to mythic status, the draft-dodging billionaire, son of a slumlord, taunted the parents of a fallen soldier and claimed that his cruelty and malice was, in fact, courage.”