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Sample Expository Essay - Teacher Web

Sample Expository Essay - teacher web

Sample Expository Essay Examples

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As you’re probably already aware, it is very rare to receive a completely open-ended expository essay assignment. Generally, you have very strict instructions, and are required to select write an expository essay on a certain field, idea or occurrence. To put it plainly, a sample expository essay will not always fit the bill. While many expository essay samples are available online, they are written on a wide, almost impossible diverse range of subjects. Trying to locate a sample that addresses the specific needs of your assignments it like trying to find a needle I a haystack. You want to choose custom-written expository essays over an example of an expository essay for two reasons. First, it will likely take up too much of your time simply searching for an expository essay sample that fits your needs, and second, the sample essay may still fail to deliver on quality or uniqueness – which leads us to our next important point.

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Sample Expository Essay

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Expository essay is an essay that has an aim to explain some phenomenon and prove it by providing facts and real life examples. Below you can find a sample of expository essay on the topic: “The Chemistry of Love”.
Love is has been a sublime feeling since the beginning of literature existing. All representatives of creative professions such as artists, poets and philosophers wondered what the origin of love is, what are its reasons and recipes. However, 21st century made people more pragmatic and they started assuming that love has biological origins. Technological progress gave scientists a chance to investigate this issue and present valid arguments that prove the theory about chemical groundings of love.

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