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The Book Thief Essay "Even death has a heart." (p.242) The Book Thief by Markus Zusak is a book of death, love, and survival. There is the death of a friend, love of a parent, and survival of those who can take it. World War II was a devastating period and many did not have the mental strength to survive it. The Book Thief is about Liesel Meminger and all her accounts with death and how she coped with it, how she survives it all through words. The book is narrated by Death, and throughout the book, he adds in his own input at times. The Book Thief makes you realize the power that words can have, you just have to pay attention to them. The Book Thief takes place in another time period. A time where words are the power. Hitler rules with words. Words can be very powerful, especially when people are so vulnerable. Hitler formed a whole nation by using his words to claim power and convince people that there should be a superior race.

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