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The civil strife has led to an increase in the level of unemployment. Unemployment has essentially hit young people below 25 years of age and affected young women more adversely that young men. Youth unemployment has been relatively low in terms of duration for those below the age of 17, while its average is around one year for those aged between 24 and 25 years. In addition to the above, determinants of youth unemployment were defined under factors affecting on one hand, the demand for and on the other, the supply of youth labor. On the demand side, one could trace the negative impact of three variables on youth unemployment:

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Although structural unemployment is more identified with the unemployment rate n the United States, cyclical unemployment also plays a part in the unemployment process. Many people get employment in the boom period especially in the tourism, farming, and construction sectors. During such seasons, almost all job-seeking people get employment opportunities. After the season is over, there is low demand for services, products, and these results to few workforce requirements. Many of the employees working in these sectors are retrenched, and this leads to mass unemployment. Many businesses rely on seasonal booms and recession in the United States. These businesses produce and distribute their products in certain seasons and this makes cyclical unemployment rampant, in the United States.

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Economists argue that China has a great impact on the unemployment witnessed in the US arguing that China is grabbing US jobs in masses. They argue that the policies adopted in the Chinese market, resulting in very low labor costs, have moved several businesses to China from the US, where labor costs is relatively high. This has seen very few businesses and companies being set up to create more jobs for the youths in the country. In addition, economists argue that the expending trade deficit is also eating up the economy of the country as so much money is channeled to the other parts of the world (Jacob, 2011).

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